Above the Wall


Winner of the 2019 Winter Stations Competition

Location: Toronto, Ontario

Year: 2019

Status: Built

Type: Installation

Winner of the 2019 Winter Stations Competition in Toronto, Canada, Above the Wall is a critical installation that contests Donald Trump's proposed border wall as a productive assertion of sovereignty. The installation positions humans, physically and symbolically, above a barrier constructed around the lifeguard stand at Woodbine Beach. In the current global political climate, the idea of a wall as a literal physical boundary between countries is reemerging as a nationalist tool to prevent migration. As a means to highlight the need for diplomacy and humility around the subjects of borders and immigration, this installation creates an opportunity for conversation and transcendence--above the wall. This elevated position allows visitors to achieve perspective on the porosity of even a physical border and provides a contemplative view to the lake. As visitors walk between installations, they are encouraged to ascend the staircase and engage with others that have approached from the opposite side. This unifying experience can bring us closer above the physical thing that is meant to divide us.

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