Balcones Fault Addition

Location: Hyde Park, Austin, Texas

Year: 2020

Status: Permitting

Type: Single-family Remodel and Addition

Located in Austin's historic Hyde Park neighborhood, this project adds a music studio, a master suite, and a large living and gathering area to the existing 1940s bungalow. Other site improvements include the addition of a backyard pool and a large rooftop gathering space. The two-story addition faces north, giving maximum opportunities for glazing and a shady view of the beautiful 34" pecan tree in the backyard.


This project is also in the Balcones Fault Zone, which was created 20-25 million years ago by the same shifting rocks that made the Colorado Rockies and the low-lying, sediment-rich areas at the Texas Gulf. This fault zone is apparent in the shifted grid of the surrounding streets, the seemingly arbitrary jogs in the roads, and the deep cuts in the eart that give way to Shoal and Waller Creeks.

2020.11.13_HPA_Exterior Render.jpg
2020.11.13_HPA_Interior Render.jpg