Melding old and new

For Plural, adding on to existing structures is a cultivated exercise in melding old and new, one that opens opportunities for creative, innovative design. Through our many experiences working with decades-old homes, we’ve developed strategies that reimagine outdated floor plans and update finishes to embrace changes in our clients’ lives, whether they’re welcoming a new baby, housing relatives, or looking to generate passive income with an accessory apartment. At our Historic Hyde Park Addition, the new exterior blends seamlessly with the existing structure, extending the original design with an elegance and restraint that won the approval of Austin’s Historic Review Committee. At our Constant House, the line between traditional and contemporary is stark, prioritizing modern forms and spaces at the rear of the structure, while maintaining historic presence along the street.


Adding on doesn’t always mean changing the house you live in. Plural is also well-versed in designing freestanding B-Units, ADUs, and guesthouses for backyards. Our strategy for these secondary units maximizes space while complying with code, and that creates benefits to go around: homeowners get additional living and rental space, and tenants gain a wider selection of dense—and, we hope, affordable—living in their communities.

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