Plural’s architects have designed a variety of multifamily projects on a range of budgets, from the $27,000,000 Fremont Portal building in Seattle to affordable housing projects in and around Austin. No matter the project scale, what comes through in all of our multifamily work is our identity as urbanists. Having lived in multiple cities around the country and world, Plural’s team understands the nuances of both constructing and dwelling in dense environments. Our projects promote walkability and foster community with amenities and a diversity of uses that activate streets and contribute to the vibrancy of cities.

Leveraging incentives, reducing carbon

The ever-increasing complexity of developing in urban cores requires architectural savvy to negotiate myriad constraints while producing a cohesive whole. Plural is well versed in how land use and technical building codes relate to multifamily development, having successfully secured benefits for designing affordable housing in Austin by leveraging legislation like Affordability Unlocked. Our multifamily work also offers inherent benefits to the environment by way of reducing carbon emissions. By promoting walkability, multifamily structures encourage residents to drive less. When they’re built with biobased materials, these structures hold even greater promise for deescalating the current climate emergency. Plural is constantly researching novel construction technologies like cross-laminated timber and seeking opportunities to implement them into multifamily housing.

Getting contextual

All too often, new multifamily projects are abrupt additions to neighborhoods that have already cultivated their own identities. Our multifamily designs consider the heritage and legacy of their neighborhoods, both aesthetically and functionally, selecting forms and materials that respect their surroundings while also distinguishing themselves as contemporary structures. The Corson Rowhouses in Seattle, which mark an industrial and residential nexus, incorporate materials that speak to the composition of both. Our Fremont Live-Work mixed use development, also in Seattle, enhances the dynamic energy of its neighborhood by adding five residential units above ground floor retail and office space.

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