Beamer Farm

Inspired by nearby agrarian structures, Beamer Farm composes windows on a flat corrugated metal facade in an arrangement that’s functional for residents on the inside, but also evocative from the outside. In effect, what greets visitors as they approach the home is an abstract canvas superimposed on a forest backdrop.


Thorndale, Texas







August 2024

Beamer Farm

By contrast, the home’s southern facade is subtly articulated, clad in light wood slats, featuring a gently sloping overhang that protects the porch and shades the structure’s large windows. This configuration helps Beamer Farm avoid direct sun while capitalizing on refracted light, illuminating the interior spaces without overheating them.

Entering through a pivot door on the east facade, a column of light spills through a slender 12-foot window on the north wall, brightening a cross section of the entry corridor and washing over an alcove that encourages visitors to pause a moment and appreciate their surroundings. Around the corner, in the living room, a woodburning stove with a steel background kindles a sense of welcoming and warmth.

The entry corridor continues in a straight line along the north wall of the structure, showcasing the efficiency of the home’s configuration by opening to every available space. Along this path, visitors are ushered past a laundry room, a guest bath and bedroom, the open living and kitchen area, and finally the primary bedroom and bathroom, before ending at a hall office.

A narrow strip of glazing follows the corridor for its entire length, underscored by a sill for cultivating plants, displaying photos, and showcasing natural mementos gathered on forest hikes. In the kitchen, two islands reserve ample space for dinner guests: one double-height with bar seating, and the other with a leaf spring to seat additional guests. At the far end of the home, the ceiling above the office ascends, so that from the entrance, what’s overhead appears to rise up and vanish. This subtle lift creates space for two stacked windows on the western facade, distinguishing the office from the rest of the hall and engendering a second moment of reflection.

Most of the feature surfaces on the interior of this elongated structure, from the millwork to the floors and ceilings, are clad with pecan. In conjunction with the large windows in the living room, this composition creates a warm, airy space that, during the day, is rich with natural light. Thanks to the abundance of glazing, sight lines are generous to the surrounding forest and the wildlife that inhabits it.


Plural Office