Enlivening atmosphere

Creating spaces that inspire good times is second nature for Plural. When designing restaurants, brewpubs, and wineries, we deal in new construction, but we also love working with existing buildings. Whether we’re employing our code expertise to navigate commercial tenant infill work or embarking on an adaptive reuse project, our designs are conducive to both patrons and professionals working behind the bar. But space isn’t only about layout–it’s also about sight and sound. Our full interior design services include the fine-tuning of reverb time and color temperature to ensure wining and dining experiences are as celebratory or intimate as the occasion requires. At the Brass Tap in Austin’s Triangle, for example, we worked with lighting experts to engender warmth in the establishment, and with acousticians to facilitate a flow of sound that was just the right amount of lively.

Reviving community

Communities are composed not only of the people who live and work in them, but also the places where they gather. As we learned when COVID and Austin’s snowpocalypse of ’21 conspired to shutter our favorite neighborhood watering hole, hospitality venues are crucial to bringing people together. After designing the reopening of Austin’s East Side institution Hi Hat Public House, a dependable local employer and supporter of local music, we know firsthand how architecture can revive social life, inspire expression, and foster community spirit.

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