Brass Tap Beer Bar

Plural’s design for the new Brass Tap Beer Bar rejuvenates a gathering space, transforming an existing building and giving it new life. Located in the Triangle, Austin’s walkable mixed-use development in the geometric area between Guadalupe and Lamar, the updates to this brewpub bolster the type of dense urban development that Plural loves.


Austin, Texas







August 2023

Brass Tap Beer Bar

As part of our design work for the interior renovation, we accentuated the lively atmosphere by fine-tuning the lighting and acoustics. We consulted acousticians to ensure the space reflected the right amount of sound–just enough to encourage a spirit of mingling and celebration. To that end, we also selected lighting that produced a warm amber glow. On the exterior, a breathable, lime-based paint enhances the aesthetic without compromising the performance of the existing concrete walls. Inside, black ceilings and wainscoting, white oak cabinetry, and brass detailing render the space comfortable and inviting. The result is a drinking and dining experience that’s downright convivial.


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